Market Methodology uses a proprietary, spectral decomposition technology to make sense of seemingly random price behavior.

By reducing chaotic market prices into a simple sequence of nested sine waves, we can model both the aggregate stock market and the alpha component of individual securities. Since smooth sine waves have a strong tendency to follow through into the future, they provide a way to forecast seemingly random market prices. This wave methodology allows MMI to make market projections that are unattainable through traditional fundamental and technical analysis.

Market Methodology Wave Theory has been used for over 15 years in making actual market calls. It has been proven to help with decision making and has been calling bull and bear markets for many years. MMI alerts clients to pivots of the Multi-Month Wave and the Multi-Year Wave. In addition to calling the overall market, MMI also alerts clients to emerging alpha opportunities in individual¬†Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s).

Gordon Hammond:

President and founder-extensive career spanning both information technology and financial services.

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