Market Model

The auction market pricing mechanism accounts for a significant component of security price movement that is not adequately explained by fundamental company analysis. This is referred to as the auction market influence, or crowd psychology.

MMI’s core wave model technology effectively models the way large aggregations of investors move prices.  Unlike conventional market theory, MMI believes that market price behavior is not random.  To discover the “emergent order” of a bottom-up auction market, MMI applies principles derived from chaos science. These concepts allow MMI to uncover a pattern of order that is otherwise hidden in the apparent randomness of stock prices.

Decision Support

MMI has been on the forefront of computer-aided investment decision support since the company’s origin in the 1980s.   The company has developed a stock and market analysis software system (Fractal), as well as a TradeStation supported trading system (AlphaTech).  And MMI continues to create new systems for investment decision support as technology and science evolve.

Market Methodology’s research and systems are used by performance-oriented investment managers to make better decisions.  To fulfill its mission, Market Methodology aligns its research offerings and software systems to integrate with its client’s style and time horizon.  MMI first gains an understanding of the decisions involved in the investment process.  After anazlying a client’s process, MMI can overlay its decision support system to create a more robust investment methodology.

Continuous Improvement

Market Methodology combines client feedback with independent research into emerging sciences to create new decision support systems.  Paying close attention to client feedback is a keystone operating principle for Market Methodology because its clients’ ideas help drive its search for better technology.

Market Methodology constantly evaluates new sciences which are pushing the envelope for a better understanding of our world.  In that regard, MMI has borrowed from Audio Engineering, Chaos, Complexity and String theory in creating its decision support systems.

President and founder, Gordon Hammond, has had an extensive career spanning both information technology and financial services.

Mr. Hammond holds an engineering degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from Harvard University.

He has held successive, senior level computer technology positions:

Manager, IT — Vidar Corporation

Director, IT — Varian Associates

Vice President, IT — Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Mr. Hammond is the co-creator of the Segmented Systems Development Methodology, a software architecture used by over one-third of the Fortune 500 companies. He conceived a software strategy that led to a $20 million annual saving for the Federal Reserve System.

As First Vice President of California Casualty he managed telecommunications, information technology, internal audit, as well as financial and real estate investments.

In 1988, he founded Market Methodology to leverage the power and affordability of microcomputer technology and create investment decision support systems. Today, MMI’s nationwide clients give credit to these systems for their superior investment performance.

Mr. Hammond has served as guest lecturer in financial technology at New York University’s Stern School of Business and the University of Richmond’s Robins School of Business.

His application of chaos science to the modeling of stock prices has been the subject of articles in Forbes and Success magazines.

What our clients have to say about us

“Simplistically…..stocks move up and down for two reasons:  Earnings & Multiple.  For insight into future earnings there is no better tool than traditional fundamental analysis.  However, fundamental analysis is outdone by technical analysis when it comes to predicting the multiple the market is likely to put on those earnings.  At Riverfront and predecessor organizations, we have found  Market Methodology’s tools to be a critical part of our technical analysis toolbox.”

Doug Sandler, Chief Equity Officer, Riverfront Investment Group

“I’ve been working with Market Methodology for almost 20 years and I’ve been impressed with the evolution of the service. It is an excellent complement to my fundamentally based process and has been helpful in determining entry and exit points for individual securities and ETFs over the years.”

Leighton Welch, President, Welch Capital Partners


Client Loyalty

Over 80% of MMI’s client relationships span 10 years or more.  Clients continue to use our services because MMI technolgy is a key component in their success.  We limit our client base to insure competitive advantage.


Client Results

This is exemplified by the experience of just two of our clients.

A hedge fund client averaged a 33.6% annual rate of return in its intital five years using MMI’s system and consultation.

Another independent investment advisor grew assets under management to $1 billion in its first two years from startup.

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Gordon Hammond:

President and founder-extensive career spanning both information technology and financial services.

If you have further questions or are interested in acquiring our services, please contact us.

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